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Welcome to I Need a Parrot, the Xander zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild.

The archive is dedicated to the character of Xander Harris from the TV Show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You can find all sorts of fanfic, beta readers, tips on writing, links to other Xander site. All pairings and ratings are accepted (het, slash, threesomes, moresomes, just Xander...) If you have a Xander-centric story, register and upload!

Remember, feedback is key! I don't know of a single writer who doesn't get that little thrill when they see reviews against their stories. So if you like a fic, please think about leaving a review, or contacting the author directly - you can do both fairly easily on the site.

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*huge* apologies for the unforgiveable delays that have plagued the approval process lately. The long and the short of it is this: My computer is on its very last legs. It took me over two months to get a monitor to replace the one that died on me, and my 'net connection is incredibly shaky right now. I'm doing my best with library access, but you guys will insist on writing the awesome porn which my library decides to block... Heh! I'm just validated a whole load of fantastic new stories and will try to keep on top of this when I do manage to get online!

Thanks all for your patience!

Sho xx

(Also - voting's going on at the White Knight Awards right now - Go vote! (and for Faith fans, nominations are open for the first round of the Gotta Have Faith Awards!

--Shona (aka Mara) on 23/10/10 - 07:37 am 31 Comments